TabPOS A-Frame™

Brings tablet POS and a wide range of standalone customer facing applications to life

Self-service and customer engagement

Tablets have found their home in the retail and hospitality industries in particular. Much of this is a result of the flexibility that they offer. Our A-Frame enclosure puts that flexibility into practice. As a standalone device, A-Frame is already hard at work around the world providing a secure mounting solution for customer sign-in and personal data entry. It is equally at home as an information point and providing a platform for those all-important customer surveys.

Now with antimicrobial powder coating

Tablet Point of Sale

Tablet POS is the new good-looking way to have your point of sale stand out from the rest. Combine your tablet with SpacePole A-Frame and you have a great looking and secure installation. Our mounting solutions enable a second customer facing screen to be added, for those at the till promotions, along with a payment terminal or scanner.


Good looks and effective security, and a focus on hygiene

A-Frame is a fixed tablet enclose securely mounting a wide range of popular tablets. It supports internal cable management, so your device is always charged. Moreover, the cables are neatly hidden away and are not visible from the outside and therefore do not compromise on the very sophisticated look of this tablet mounting solution.

In addition, antimicrobial powder coating is applied, as standard, to all SpacePole® metal products ordered in black. More details on our antimicrobial webpage.

Site it and use it as you wish

Floor, desk and wall mounted options are all available for this most flexible tablet solution.

Counter mount

Counter mount

A wide range of counter mounts are available for A-Frame. You can go from simple fixed pole, to tilt and rotate from landscape to portrait mode depending of your use of the solution. A-Frame can also be combined with the stylish integrated TabPrint tablet POS solution.

Floor mount

Floor mount

A-Frame can be combined with our floor-stand for freestanding applications such as information look up points.

Wall mount

Wall mount

A-Frame can be securely wall mounted for stand-alone customer facing applications, front of house and digital signage.

Flexible and secure

A-Frame is a versatile stand, which supports a variety of use cases from unattended self-service to fixed tablet POS. It can be used as a fully secured solution for unattended applications and information points along with customer self-service applications. It can also accommodate payment directly on the frame for an integrated space saving POS solution. The options for creating it your way are endless.


Payment mounts

A-Frame allows for mounting payment devices and scanner directly on to the frame utilizing payment brackets and our m-case payment terminal sleeves. This helps optimize the counter space and keeps a chic designer look for the complete solution.

Tilt & Rotation

Portrait or landscape mounting

Depending on your application A-Frame can be mounted in either portrait or landscape mode or you can have the flexibility to choose either orientation once mounted.



A-Frame offers two discreet locking options; A Kensington push lock with keys or security screw. Choose the push lock for visual security and have the flexibility to easily remove the tablet, or choose the security screw option for a more discreet solution.

Simple assembly

Setting up the A-Frame tablet enclosure is simplicity itself. Simply open the unit and place the tablet inside. The A-frame comes with a metal insert to easily place the tablet in the frame. Close and lock the frame and you are ready for business.

A-Frame Tablet Compatibility

A-Frame Model Tablet Model Tablet Size Tablet Release Year
SPAF1000/1001 IPad Mini 4 7.9" 2015
SPAF1000/1001 IPad Mini (5th gen) 7.9" 2019
SPAF2200/2201 IPad Mini (6th gen) 7.9" 2021
SPAF3000/3001 IPad (5th gen) 9.7" 2017
SPAF3000/3001 IPad (6th gen) 9.7" 2018
SPAF3000/3001 IPad Air (3rd gen) 10.5" 2019
SPAF3000/3001 IPad Pro (1st gen) 9.7" 2016
SPAF7000/7001 IPad (7th gen) 10.2" 2019
SPAF7000/7001 IPad (8th gen) 10.2" 2020
SPAF7000/7001 IPad (9th gen) 10.2" 2021
SPAF7000/7001 IPad Pro (2nd gen) 10.5" 2017
SPAF1800/1801 IPad Air (4th gen) 10.9" 2020
SPAF8000/8001 IPad Pro (1st gen) 11" 2018
SPAF8000/8001 IPad Pro (2nd/3rd gen) 11" 2020/2021
SPAF6000/6001 IPad Pro (1st gen) 12.9" 2015
SPAF6000/6001 IPad Pro (2nd gen) 12.9" 2017
SPAF5000/5001 IPad Pro (3rd gen) 12.9" 2018
SPAF5000/5001 IPad Pro (4th gen) 12.9" 2020
SPAF5000/5001 IPad Pro (5th gen) 12.9" 2021

A-Frame Model Tablet Model Tablet Size Tablet Release Year
SPAF1000/1001 Galaxy Tab A 82 8'' 2015
SPAF1000/1001 Galaxy Tab S2 8'' 2015
SPAF3000/3001 Galaxy Tab S3 9.7'' 2017
SPAF3000/3001 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" 2017
SPAF3000/3001 Galaxy Tab A 9.7" 2015
SPAF3000/3001 Galaxy Tab S2 9.7'' 2015
SPAF9000/9001 Galaxy Tab A 10.1'' 2019
SPAF1100/1101 Galaxy Tab S6 10.5'' 2019
SPAF1100/1101 Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5'' 2019
SPAF1200/1201 Galaxy Tab A 10.5'' 2019
SPAF1300/1301 Galaxy Tab S4 10.5'' 2018
SPAF1500/1501 Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite 10.4" 2020
SPAF1700/1701 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 11" 2020
SPAF9000/9001 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019
SPAF1600/1601 Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 12.4" 2020
SPAF1900/1901 Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 no rugged case 8" 2020
SPAF2300 / SPAF2301 Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 10.5" 2022

A-Frame Model Tablet Model Tablet Size Tablet Release Year
SPAF4000/SPAF4001 Zebra ET50 8"  
SPAF4000/SPAF4001 Zebra ET51 8"  
SPAF4000/SPAF4001 Zebra ET55 8"  
SPAF4000/SPAF4001 Zebra ET56 8"  
SPAF2000/SPAF2001 Zebra ET50 10"  
SPAF2000/SPAF2001 Zebra ET51 10"  
SPAF2000/SPAF2001 Zebra ET55 10"  
SPAF2000/SPAF2001 Zebra ET56 10"
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