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SpacePole mCase™

SpacePole mCase™ is a low-profile protective casing that enables a mobile payment device to be mounted for static payments, or attached to a mobile device or even attached via a retractable belt clip or lanyard

The flexibility of mCase means that the range of the device’s use cases is not just confined to hand-held or tablet mounted transactions. mCase ensures that the payment transaction is more secure and the device less likely to be the subject of opportunist theft.

SpacePole mCase Benefits

  • A protective casing for investment protection
  • Maximum use cases: mCase is an integration sled for both static and mPOS applications
  • Adds physical security for the operator and follows PCI best practice
  • Provision of accessories for portability

Mounting Options

SpacePole Stack®

The mCase also acts as an adaptor to allow compatible payment devices to be mounted on to our best selling SpacePole Stack® payment solutions for use in static applications.

SpacePole Solo™

The SpacePole Solo™ desk stand is compatible with our mCase range and in addition provides in-stand charging for the Verifone e355, Ingenico iSMP4, and Ingenico Link2500I payment devices.

mCase 'Quick Release' Adapter

The mCase 'Quick Release' Adapter can be used with screws or sticky pads to attach an mCase to any flat surface or to another device.

SpacePole mCase compatibility

Compatible payment devices



CCV Fly Next

Equinox LUXE 6200M

Ingenico Link/2500

Ingenico Link/2500i*

Ingenico Link/2500 touch

Ingenico Link/2500 slim

Ingenico iSMP4*

Miura M020

Pax D190

Pax D220

Square Reader

Stripe Reader M2

SumUp Air

SumUp Solo

Verifone e280

Verifone e285

Verifone e355*

*charging enabled when used in conjunction with SpacePole Solo™

PCI DSS compliant

Since the mobile device has no fixed location, securing the use of the mobile, a clear merchant responsibility according to requirement 9.9.5 of the PCI DSS 3.0 standard, becomes more challenging. Remember, merchants are the last line of defense for POS fraud and involved in the execution of the vast majority of controls suggested or required by PCI DSS. As with all of our SpacePole products, mCase addresses these latest PCI physical security requirements for mobile payment solutions.

PCI Security Standards Council - Participating Organization

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