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SPDS3001 & SPDS3002

Engage with your customers and increase your revenue, with the (SPDS3000 Series) mounting solution for outdoor digital signage applications.

This is a Samsung design approved solution for digital signage displays. Digital Signage provides a communication platform for customers, enabling a seamless experience from drive-through to indoor ordering. The SPDS3000 Series provides a simple solution for QSR, Hospitality and Retail.


Wind tested: Designed to withstand wind up to (90 mph  - Hurricane level 1)

Robust, yet elegant design: A slim bezel adds great looks to its reinforced steel structure

Designed and manufactured in Denmark: Short lead times with a focus on simplicity, quality and sustainability

Easy installation: The modular design, enables an easy 2-man installation without the use of any mechanical lifting equipment

Customization: Available in a wide range of colors, with the ability to add your own corporate touch

SPDS3002 Outdoor enclosure Double (side-by-side) and SPDS3001 Outdoor enclosure Single


Peace of mind: The solution is designed and tested for an outdoor environment

Your investment is protected against theft, vandalism & environmental conditions

Sustainability: The slim enclosure is designed and manufactured in line our with core value to respect the planet

Cost-effective installation: Saves time and money

Make it your Own: Including the use of your corporate colors, logo and brand identity

View our anti-graffiti coating demonstration video

Did you know, that Ergonomic Solutions can deliver solutions with an anti-graffiti coating, which prevents graffiti from bonding to the surface?


  SPDS3001 SPDS3002
Product description Outdoor enclosure Single Outdoor enclosure Double (side-by-side)
Compatible hardware A single Samsung display OH55F/OH55A/OH55A-S
Other displays can be supported on request.
Two Samsung displays OH55F/OH55A/OH55A-S
Other displays can be supported on request.
Mounting Custom mounting pattern

Modular build for easy two-man installation

Slim bezel design

Easy access for screen maintenance

Security fixings for secure hardware installation

Outdoor certified Anti-graffiti coating as standard

Upgradeable as base modules for SPDS3001 and SPDS3002 are identical.

Weight limit (All hardware) 55kg 110kg
Material Painted metal with outdoor coating
Dimensions (product) H1950 x L742 x W165mm (Footprint 865x300mm) H1955 x L1495 x W165mm (Footprint 865x300mm)
Weight (product) 115 kg | 253.50 lbs 145 kg | 319.70 lbs
Dimensions (packaging) 9 units on a pallet: 64.96” x 37.4” x 70.86” 6 units on a pallet: 1550 x 1400 x 1700mm
Weight (packaging) 9 units on a pallet: 1075 kg | 2370.00 lbs 6 units on a pallet: 950 kg | 2094.00 lbs
Installation Guide MK15-0372 (Drilling template P22-00349) MK15-0374 (Drilling template P22-00349)
Mounting options Flat concrete outdoor surface Chemical anchors are required and not included
Cable management Yes (internal)
Testing IS0 9227 NSS (salt spray test) - PASSED IS0 6270-2 (condensation test) - PASSED Wind tunnel test at 40 m/s (90 mph - Hurricane level 1) - PASSED
Warranty 5 years

Both the SPDS3001 and the SPDS3002 have passed the Samsung Design Review process

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