SpacePole and Toshiba

Our SpacePole Essentials product range

SpacePole Essentials range of POS mounts has been developed for a wide variety of settings and offers a diverse and comprehensive range of features that you need for any type of application featuring Toshiba display screens.

  • More flexibility and movement
  • More options for integrating peripherals
  • To free up counter space
  • Easy upgrade to existing SpacePole installations
  • Investment protection for the future

Toshiba TCx800 with SpacePole Essentials SPV106 Elbow Arm

SpacePole Kiosk & Signage

Our SpacePole Essentials product range

The SpacePole Kiosk ™ provides a configurable platform for self-service applications in the grocery, retail, hospitality, and entertainment sectors.

We have designed a module which provides an aesthetic and compatible self-service solution specifically for the Toshiba TCx810 displays with screen sizes from 15”, 15.6” & 18.5”.

Counter Mount

Wall Mount

Floor Mount


Kiosk specifications Wall mount Wall & Counter mounts Freestanding
Mandatory Kiosk top module (SPK100-TOS)
Product configurations Kiosk wall bracket (SPK502) Kiosk wall bracket (SPK502) for wall mounting Freestanding module (SPK300)
  Kiosk centre module (SPK200 or SPK201)
Compatible SpacePole accessories     Kiosk mover (SPK506)
  Kiosk printer/scanner covers (SPK5xx)
Kiosk peripheral arm (SPK503), Kiosk Top pole (SPK504), Kiosk straight bracket (SPK511/SPK512)
Compatible hardware Wall mount Wall & Counter mounts Freestanding
Screen / display (VESA 75/75 or 100/100)   Toshiba TCx810 screen: 15", 15.6" and 18.5"
Payment devices Any vendor
Printer (Internal or external) Supports all printer vendors External: Supports all printer vendors
Internal: Max printer dimensions: H: 140 x W: 133 x D: 140mm
Scanner (Internal or external) Supports all scanner devices External: Supports all scanner devices
Internal: Max scanner dimensions: H: 44 x W: 89 x D: 140 mm
Dimensions SPK100-TOS: H: 184 x W: 166 x D: 255 mm
SPK502: H: 228 x W: 178 x D: 28 mm  
  SPK20x: H: 300 x W: 184 x D: 166 mm
    SPK300: H: 760 x W: 184 x D: 166 mm (Module) H: 30 x W: 450 x D: 400 (Baseplate)
Weight SPK100-TOS: 3.50 kg | 7.71 lbs
SPK502: 0.8 kg  
  SPK200: 5.2kg or SPK201: 5.9kg
    SPK300: 21 kg
Material Metal
Cable management Yes (internal)
Warranty 5 years
ADA compliance Yes No
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