Case Study

Technology evolution provides opportunity for a new type of customer engagement


The availability of new technology often provides the catalyst for a total re-think of not only the layout and ergonomics of the point of sale, but of its purpose as well.

Such was the case with long time SpacePole® user, AS Watson, who looked to take advantage of the sleek new BA 92 touch screens from Diebold Nixdorf as the centrerpiece of a customer focused technology re-fresh for their UK health and beauty brands, Superdrug and Savers.

The Challenge

With limited space available for the point of sale in both brands, the challenge was to enhance the customer experience and interaction using mounting technology to upgrade hardware across four different in-store point of sale applications using a common SpacePole platform. From an operational point of view, and within the footprint of the original installation, the technology had to be simple to install, comfortable for both operator and customer whilst enabling the new technology to deliver.

The Solution

The relationship between AS Watson, their global technology supplier Diebold Nixdorf, and Ergonomic Solutions built up over 15 years made SpacePole the obvious product of choice.

The refresh involved the replacement of the existing Diebold Nixdorf hardware platform, to create an up to date uncluttered and stylish point of sale utilizing the new DN BA 92 screens as customer facing displays at the point of sale. The aim was to provide new opportunities for customer engagement and the promotion of more services than the original two-line customer displays could provide.

The sum of the parts

Due diligence ensured that all parties undertook comprehensive testing to ensure the that the SpacePole configurations for all four furniture types would deliver the desired technology integration, movement, and accessibility, prior to the roll out. 

This level of cooperation at all stages of the project was critical to the success of the project. Understanding the requirements from AS Watson at an early stage and being party to conversations with the project stakeholders, throughout the buying journey ensured that the entire operation was delivered on time, and to budget. From their point of view, SpacePole was and is a known proven brand, that would provide support and expertise to the AS Watson technical support teams, whilst working in tandem with Diebold Nixdorf account team. 

This was a complex and multi-faceted roll out, made simple by the modularity of the SpacePole solutions which facilitated the ease of installation. Such was that level of trust between all partners that Ergonomic Solutions undertook the initial installation before handing over to Diebold Nixdorf personnel to complete the roll-out.

De facto standards

As with all of our installations, Ergonomic Solutions is addressing two mission critical elements in retail: technology integration and ergonomics. 25 years ago, our signature SpacePole® technology mounting solutions brought about a space-saving, cohesive hardware layout that created a blueprint for contemporary checkout design, that is still the de-facto standard today.

The modularity and upgradability of SpacePole ensures that projects such as this can be completed with ease, using four existing types of furniture with mounting patterns from the legacy installation. For the retailer, this means the minimal disruption to their daily business through simple installation, whilst keeping the total cost of ownership as low as possible.

AS Watson’s two health and beauty brands are built around a store layout that maximizes the use of every metre of floorspace. The point of sale creates an opportunity for impulse buying and the promotion of other customer services. Technology such as the latest POS and customer displays leverage this opportunity. SpacePole provided the integration platform to deliver a better customer experience that has transformed the point of sale and provided Superdrug and Savers with an entirely new type of customer engagement.



Within 6 months of the roll out, AS Watson undertook a Chip & PIN upgrade, by introducing Ingenico’s new Lane/3000 payment terminal. The SpacePole infrastructure is built around the concepts of modularity and low total cost of ownership. A simple swap of the MultiGrip plate to one compatible with the new terminal was all that was needed to complete the update across the estate at the lowest possible cost.

Ergonomic Solutions is an established, leading global supplier of innovative and ergonomically designed technology mounting solutions for the retail, hospitality and transportation industries and an expert in mPOS and mobile technology mounting solutions that enable frictionless transactions with less personal contact.

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